How do vibrating butt plugs work?

You probably already know what a butt plug is, otherwise you would not have ended up on this website. So you are looking for a butt plug for anal sex. A good choice because it will definitely extend your sex life! But which butt plug actually suits you best? A big chance that you cannot answer this question yet. Unless of course you are already an experienced user. Because our webshop contains more than 500 different butt plugs, it is very handy to be able to determine somewhat what will be a good choice for you. In this article we try to help you on your way!


Are you planning to use a butt plug or anal dildo for the first time or have anal sex for the first time ? If you are using a butt plug for the first time, you must bear in mind that your anus is not yet used to it. It is normally quite tight and will contract quickly due to a natural reflex. It is therefore important to start slowly with preferably a small, narrow butt plug. It is also important to use sufficient lubricant. If you experience inconveniences, stop again and continue next time. You will notice that your anus starts to get used to the anal plug so that you can insert the butt plug a little further and you will experience more and more pleasure. As a starter it is best to start with a normal (classic) butt plug with a smooth layer. You can also opt for a butt plug set which counts as training for your anus. Also choose a butt plug made of silicone because these models are a bit more flexible and softer.

Make a selection within our webshop

We have already divided the webshop into various categories. You will find an overview of these sections in the menu bar, namely:

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Roleplay (tail) butt plugs

If you click on one of the category pages you can refine even further by filtering by price, color or brand.

Which butt plug section fits me well?

As stated, we have divided the webshop into various categories. That makes it a lot clearer, but which section is best for you? We will indicate per category for whom the products are suitable.

Normal butt plugs

Within this section you will find an overview of the most common butt plugs for normal use. These butt plugs are usually made of silicone, jelly (flexible) material, latex or plastic. Due to their size, the butt plugs are also suitable for both beginners and experienced users.

Vibrating butt plugs

The Vibrating Butt Plugs bring you faster to a peak and provides more excitement during use. On our web shops you will find vibrating butt plugs with 1 vibration position and with multiple vibration positions. Some vibrating butt plugs contain a remote control with which you can control the plug remotely. It is also nice to have your partner adjust the vibration setting.

Inflatable butt plugs

An inflatable butt plug is a butt plug that you can inflate slowly after insertion. With most versions you can have the air pressure decrease in one go using a breather valve. That way you can make the plug thinner and thicker, which provides extra stimulation.

An inflatable butt plug can also be very suitable for beginners who are still learning their limits. Bring in the plug with some lubricant and inflate the butt plug to the desired thickness. You can try to continue pumping up the butt plug a little further to allow your anus and rectal canal to get used to it slowly.

Large butt plugs

Large butt plugs are specially made for experienced users and for people who already have experience with anal sex. Thicker butt plugs in particular provide greater suction and a fuller feeling. Large butt plugs can also serve as an excellent tool to prepare your anus for the real thing. Push your limits with our XXL plugs!

Butt plug sets

A butt plug set can be used as a training kit for the novice user. Each set contains butt plugs of various sizes so that you know for sure that there is a butt plug of the right size. Also great for discovering what you like.

Glass butt plugs

A butt plug made of glass is very durable (lasts a long time) and slides very well inside. The smooth material is considered very pleasant in combination with a little lubricant. In addition, a butt plug made of glass has a luxurious appearance. Even if you like hard, you can opt for a glass plug.

Metal and stainless steel (stainless steel) butt plugs

A butt plug made of metal, aluminum or stainless steel will last a very long time and will slide in very smoothly. It is also nice and hard. We also sell metal butt plug with vibration function. Because metal conducts very well, this ensures better vibration. Many of our metal butt plugs contain a diamond or crystal at the bottom of the foot which provides an extra luxurious or feminine appearance. Nice to give your (female) partner a gift. You can also heat a metal butt plug in a container with warm water or let it cool in the fridge or freezer, which provides an extra tingling sensation.

Hollow butt plugs

A hollow butt plug can be used by people who do like an experiment. You can spray a liquid through it such as water or lubricant, which ensures better gliding and sometimes better suction. If you have a sexual fetish you can also spray urine through it. Some hollow butt plugs are also suitable for inserting a penis through.

Role play butt plugs

A role play can ensure that your sex life gets a real boost. We sell various role play butt plugs with a tail that you can use to transform yourself into a sweet little bunny, a puppy, a fox, a pig, a cat or a horse in no time. The tail size is stated for each product.

Prostate butt plugs

Prostate butt plugs are anal plugs with a curved head so that the butt plug can exert more pressure on the prostate. A lot of men are getting fiercer this way. Make sure you insert the butt plug correctly.

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