Every year for two weekends, students from each high school come together for the YLI Summer Camp. The summer camp curriculum focuses on leadership, team building, project planning, decision-making, goal setting, and social justice. All of the lessons are taught through experiential learning and group facilitation. Our training begins with students getting to know each other through trust-building activities. Students are then introduced to four components of leadership: vision, communication, empowerment, and action.

Next, students put these components into action through team-building exercises that also teach lessons about “win-win”, consensus-based decision-making, and trouble-shooting. During the second weekend of camp, students spend a significant amount of time planning a service-learning project¬†they will complete as a group. The project is their first opportunity to put all their new skills to use. The project is¬†completed by all YLI students, even those who do not attend camp.

Camp is designed to empower our students before beginning school and to encourage them to continue involvement with YLI during the year. We recruit a diverse group of students to participate, focusing on African American, Latino, and Burmese students. Around thirty-five students attend, and eight are peer mentors who have attended camp previously and return in a leadership role.

Learn how to serve others in your community, meet other students in your high school chapter, develop leadership skills with other high school youth, and organize a group service project with camp participants!