Learn about post-secondary scholarships available to BRMA program graduates.

After spending eight years in Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate, every program graduate is eligible for post-secondary scholarship assistance. BRMA has two different post-secondary scholarships:

Sponsor A Scholar Fund

The Sponsor A Scholar fund is raised from hundreds of donors in our community. Students can use their Sponsor A Scholar award for any post-secondary expense. Sponsor A Scholar awards are given in the student’s first year. To donate to Sponsor A Scholar, visit our Donate page.

Donate to Sponsor A Scholar

Haidt Scholars Fund

The Haidt Scholars Fund is based on a generous gift from the Haidt Family Foundation. Mr. Harold Haidt was the original person to envision using scholarships as an incentive for students in BRMA. Students are only eligible for Haidt funding if they are enrolled in a bachelor’s degree seeking program. Students are eligible to receive Haidt Scholars funding for up to four years.

BRMA also uses some funds from Sponsor a Scholar to support what we call Enrichment Fund Scholarships. These are scholarships for building-block activities that will help a student get to college. We use these scholarships to support summer camp enrollment, sports team fees, music lessons, etc. Parents and mentors can request enrichment support by following these directions.

Students who are not meeting the requirements in BRMA’s Participation Agreement may lose their eligibility for some or all of their scholarship funding as explained in the BRMA Participation Levels document.