BRMA provides enrichment funds for mentees wishing to pursue extracurricular activities such as camps, lessons, or teams.

The Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate Sponsor A Scholar enrichment fund is a scholarship fund for students who participate in the BRMA program. Scholarships are only available to students who are already enrolled in Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate.

These funds are available to support students who want to pursue extracurricular opportunities such as camps, lessons, or teams. If there is an extracurricular opportunity that a student would like to pursue but they cannot afford the activity, BRMA will try to help.

Read the Enrichment Fund Request guidelines in Spanish.

Scholarship Guidelines:

  • For use by students actively participating in BRMA programming
  • Used to fund “enrichment” needs such as summer camp tuition, lesson/class fees, sport participation fees, mental health counseling, or for purchase of equipment for sports, music, arts or other activity participation. Other potential uses may be approved by on a case-by-case basis.
  • General guidelines will limit each student’s use of Enrichment Funds to $250 per year.
  • BRMA prefers not to pay for the entire cost of activities, and we encourage parents and mentors to seek other sources of support including requesting other scholarships and making personal contributions to the cost of an activity.

Procedures for Requesting Funds:

Parents, mentors, or BRMA staff members may submit requests for funds. Students may submit information as well, but only in conjunction with an adult sponsor. Requests are reviewed by a committee, and responses are usually provided within 1-2 weeks.

Requests shall include the following information:

  • Which¬†student the funds are requested for
  • Name of person requesting funds
  • What are the funds being requested for?
  • Why will these funds help the student?
  • How much money is being requested?
  • What additional attempts to find scholarship support have been made?
  • What additional financial contributions are being made by the student’s family, mentor, or other outside sources?

Where to Submit Your Request

Requests can be submitted in writing to your BRMA staff contact (below), or by postal mail to

750 S. Merritt Mill Rd.
Chapel Hill, NC 27516.

For questions, call 919-918-2170

For more information please contact: